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The Darlene H. Young Leadership Academy (DYLA) is a competency-based leadership development program designed to develop future public service leaders through providing assessment, experiential learning and individual development opportunities. This program provides future public service leaders with solid training and a developmental foundation in leadership skills and team building, enhanced by agency developmental experiences. The DYLA operates under the direction of Morgan State University.
The DYLA is committed to preparing their members for leadership roles at all levels of public service. This program focuses on helping members acquire the essential skills needed to be competent leaders through a series of intense professional training. The attainment of these skills offers members the opportunity to expand their comprehension of leadership. DYLA prepares their members to function as educated, analytical, and skilled leaders within their organization, their jobs, and their community.



All Alumni dues are $25.00 a year (payable to DYLAAA).  If you have not submitted your dues, please mail to:


P.O. Box  843

Yonkers, NY  10702





A lifetime partner in the mission of the Darlene H. Young Leadership Academy Program. - Training BIG Members to be Leaders for Life.


Our mission is to use the talents and resources of the DYLA Graduates to support the Darlene H. Young Leadership Academy and Blacks In Government.


During this program, many individuals will provide insights, counsel and advice, but the bottom line, is that it is all up to you. The program will be what you make of it. The Darlene H. Young Leadership Academy is self-directed. You need to work hard and stretch to ensure that you grow and develop both personally and professionally.

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